Question 7

looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt on the progression from it to the full product?

looking back at my preliminary task i think i have come a long way since the shaking camera and improvising a dolly using a wheeley chair. starting on my preliminary task despite it being ridiculously cringe, it is also very shaky and although there are a few camera angles, there is no change in aperture or shutter depth. on my final film to avoid the shaky camera effect i used a camera tripod for the still scenes with a DSLR and for the mobile scenes i used a go pro and a gimble with an extender, so it was all flow and not shaky. i have used a lot more camera angles than in my preliminary, but to be fair the pre lim was filmed in a toilet so we had little space for camera angles. the sound and editing was alright on the prelim but when the dialogue starts there is obvious ambience behind the voices, in my final product i reduced this by using a low pass filter, which cuts off the highest frequencies to dull the ambient effect.

there was no change on colouration what so ever on my preliminary and it was obvious when the lighting wasn’t working in our favour as some scenes which are filmed in the same area had different lighting which made it hard t watch at some places. in my final product the colouration is probably the most obvious thing, i used after effects to leave the bright red colour of her cardigan and used curves to max the brightness and also max the darkness and dull out the middle colours, i added an adjustment layer to add curves to the RGB setting to get my final colouration.


Question 6

what have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

one of the technologies that i have learned from in the contracting of this product is the use of aperture and shutter speed on the DSLR cameras, during my aperture task i learnt how to change and adjust the aperture of a camera to adjust the look of the picture, swell as developing knowledge of shutter speed and field depth all using the DSLR cameras, although i didn’t use much of this in my film due to the heavy editing i still think its a valuable skill and it has defiantly made my filming better having an understanding if it.
other technologies i have learnt about such as the adobe editing software, premiere pro, after effects, photoshop etc. these have played a key part in my product as without them i wouldn’t even have a product. i used after effects to create the black white and red effect on my video footage, adding contrast and masks. i used premiere pro to construct all the footage together to make it flow and add some title and more effects and sound, i used logic pro x to create my soundtrack and make it fit to my footage. and i use photoshop to colour my animatic (which i drastically changed).


Question 1

in what way does your media project use,  develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The genre i have chosen for my short film is a horror / thriller, the forms and conventions of these genres are generally isolated and abandoned looking areas, mostly dilapidated or run down, an area which looks like something could have happened there without blatantly showing it.

many characters follow the same convention in horror films as well, the innocent protagonist, the slightly less innocent friend and the few un important characters that always die, i have challenged this in my film as i had only one main character and one background character, the only thing that dies in my film is the teddy bear.

Another convention in horror films is the children which i have incorporated into my main character, creepy and unsettling with little facial expressions, like kevin from we need to talk about kevin,

the kids from children of the corn


and Damien in ‘The Omen’.

The style i chose to present my film is very dark and only a small small colour palette, this fits it into the horror genre because the lack of colour and dark nature of the film gives it an unsettling and creepy feel, i got inspiration for this format from the ‘Sin City’ movies.


The idea to get her to ‘slit the neck of a teddy bear’ came when i released it was illegal to set a fire in a public woods, this doesn’t quite fall into a typical hour convention because usually the children are not the one doing the violence, apart from in the ‘Sinister’ films, where the children kill their families. my ident i chose because i love the graffiti look and its dark and ominous looking so i felt it fitted with my film, i tried to get it to look along the same lines as the twisted pictures product company. i chose a similar theme with the fonts i chose which i downloaded from called feral, i feel it makes it look horror wish without going over the top and taking the focus away fro the film,

I linked this to se7en opening title credits where the font is all splodgy. one thing that i would like to change if i were to do it again i would chose the location more carefully before hand as i changed my location about three times while planning before i finally started filming at la hocq.